Women High Waist Denim Midi Skirt

Winter choose denim half skirt, there are three other seasons wear out does not have the advantage, still in the dark, never used the advantage of denim half skirt to improve the overall style of the little sister, can come here to learn from! Advantage 1: Choose denim half skirt in winter, insulation effect is excellent, other seasons wear denim half skirt may be very hot, but the thickness of its fabric, for the winter temperature, just right!

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Another advantage of the straight skirt is that it can be worn with any type of top -- yes, you read that right -- "any style," "all shapes," and I'm not exaggerating. Tight, slim, loose, silhouette are its "official match", short, long, medium length, plus length can also be matched with it, all of the above, are suitable for lining and outerwear options, closed eyes will not go wrong!

1.Send us your own designs Specification: Original samples, pictures(or tech pack in Al or PDF files)

2.We design as per pictures/original samples & give proffesional suggestions for fabric&style,

our factory next to fabric market.

Customize garment technology:

3. Take photo for checking overall, Ship out,

Check in person, Confirm and move on production.

Advantage two: the choice of denim skirt in winter can be used to form a strong contrast with the looseness of velvet cotton clothing, proving the existence of a good figure. A loose and tight visual effect can not only ensure 100% exquisite foreign style, but also ensure the overall shape of clean and crisp, without delay. Advantage 3: Choose denim skirt in winter, can better modify the pear figure. With the help of a variety of denim skirts and silhouettes, it's easy to hide your imperfect body shape completely, for office workers and students alike!  
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